Body by Design OC was created from passion. 

Our mission is to live life to the fullest: have fun, find a balance and be patient with yourself. Working out is fun! If you disagree, I’ll help make it enjoyable. There are many ways to make working out a lively experience. Fun is energizing. Find a balance. The frequency, intensity, duration, time of day and the type of exercise are all components of your balance. Remember we are all unique! Be patient with yourself. As your trainer it is my responsibility to acknowledge strengthens and help with weaknesses. Your fitness goals will be met with your determination and my knowledge.


// NASM Certified Personal Trainer
// AFPA Certified
// Pre/post natal exercise specialist
// ACSM/ACS Certified
// Cancer exercise trainer



Individual Programs

$80 — Individual Training Session
$625 — 8 Session package
$915 — 12 Session package

Double Training Programs

$40/per person - Double Training Session
$300/per person - 8 Session Package
$440/per person - 12 Session Package

Triple Training Programs

$30/per person - Triple Training Session
$240/ per person - 8 Session Package
$360/per person - 12 Session Package

BeachCandy Bootcamp*

Saturday 9.00am & Tuesday 11.00am
$200 - 10 Session Package
drop-in rate $30.00

Crystal Cove Run*

Offered daily at 8:00am
$100 - 10 Session Package
drop-in rate $20.00

*Sessions meet at Little Corona (Ocean Blvd. & Poppy Ave)
All sessions are 55 minutes